Greek Zucchini Pie-Kolokithopita

by admin on July 2, 2008

Greek Pie Recipes

Kolokithopita is one more Greek pie. Kolokithopita is a pie with zucchini. There are many Greek pie recipes out there but the Kolokithopita recipe is one of my favourite Greek Recipes. This Kolokithopita is about making the pie from scratch. Although you can find this recipe or other variations of this this Greek recipe in Greek Recipe books, it is rare to find the good version of the Greek kolokithopita recipe.

To make Kolokithopita you will first have to make the phyllo and then the filling.

Kolokithopita Filling Ingredients:
1 ½ kg of green zucchini,
½ kg of feta,
½ kg of sour mizithra cheese(salted dry cheese like parmesan) ,
5 beaten eggs,
a few leafs of mint, salt

Scrape the zucchini on the scrapper, we salt and strain them, first by hand and them by placing them in the strainer. In the meanwhile we grind the cheeses and mix them with the beaten eggs. Mix the zucchinis with the cheeses, and chop up the mint and the filling is ready.

Kolokithopita Phyllo Ingredients:
½ kg of flour,
1/2 cup of oil,
1/2 cup of yogurt

Prepare the phyllo as follows: Mix in a bowl the yogurt with oil and then add the flour. Knead well until the dough becomes ready to open our phyllo. When the dough is ready, we create a little ball which we cover with a lean towel and let it “rest” for about half an hour. Separate the dough into two parts, the one slightly bigger than the other. Open the two pieces of phyllo and place the larger one on the bottom of an “oiled up” pan so the phyllo can cover all of the pans corners. Then spread the filling and cover it with the second piece of the phyllo. Then have to join the phyllo pieces on the edge of the pan and “oil up” the surface of our pie while garnishing it with sesame seeds. Bake the zucchini pie, Kolokithopita in a medium preheated oven until it simmers. And there you have it, Kolokithopita made from scratch. Kolokithopita pie recipeis one of many Greek pita pies. For more Greek recipes check out our categories. Make sure you browse our site for many more Greek Recipes.

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