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Tzatziki is an excellent summer dip. It primarily consists of yogurt and garlic. It accompanies grilled meats great and is a traditional Greek dish. It is an excellent simple recipe. Tzatziki is a great dip.


Tzatziki Ingredients
1 kg of yogurt
1 large cucumber
5 pieces of garlic
1 bunch of dill
½ a cup of oil
Salt, pepper

Before you proceed to our Greek Tzatziki recipe know that there are many more Greek Recipes to make tzatziki.

Clean the cucumber, grind it and strain it. Crush the garlic with the salt. Add the yogurt in bowl, the cucumber, the garlic, the copped up dill, along with the salt and pepper. We blend it well in the mixer and the tzatziki is ready. We cover it and keep it in the fridge. Tzatziki is an all time favourite Greek Dip. It is a garlic dip that has many recipes. Make sure you browse our categories for several more Greek Recipes

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